Tony's Story

Tony's Story: A Dental Crowns Testimonial


In his dental crowns testimonial, Tony describes how crowns provided by Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney gave him confidence. Prior to treatment, he was often worried that his crowns would fall off during meetings or presentations at work. Now, he feels more confident smiling and laughing.

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One of the things I used to worry about when I was speaking in front of groups at work, literally, was losing a crown right in the middle of the presentation or the meeting that I'm trying to facilitate. And, again, thanks to the work that Dr. Pinnix did, and he did not just replace the crowns, he kind of structurally changed the positioning of some of the teeth so that there was less repetitive contact with the bottom teeth. So, again, it has allowed me to speak with a lot of confidence and smile during meetings. And also, I laugh a lot more now at work, at church, at home, when I'm out with my buddies. I literally kind of programmed myself to not smile often. Again, it has certainly been a change for me, for the better, of course.

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