Meet Dr. George Betancourt

Meet Dr. George Betancourt


Patients and coworkers describe the compassionate care Dr. George Betancourt provides. Many are impressed with his dedication to excellence in both his interaction with patients and his dental work. Patients and staff alike feel comfortable and confident in his abilities.

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Amanda: Dr. Betancourt's great. He is amazing. He's great with his patients, he's great to us, he's amazing at what he does. Maria: One thing that I really like about Dr. Betancourt that I don't see anywhere else is that he really takes the time to sit down with each individual patient to find out their needs and their goals. Clare: Just visiting with him, I think, was just the most amazing part of working with him, is that he really cares about you as a person. It's, "What can I do to make this person's quality of life better, to make them feel better about themselves?" And it's just a joy to come in. It's not all about the teeth. It's about the person when you're dealing with Dr. Betancourt, and I think that makes such a huge difference. John: He's all about quality. He takes the time to make patients comfortable. We do a lot of complicated dentistry and he takes the time to meticulously explain and make them comfortable with the procedure that's being done. Amber: I would say he probably is the most compassionate dentist I've ever worked for. He really, truly cares about how they feel when they walk out the door, if they're truly happy with the dentistry that we've provided to them. He's great to us girls. We couldn't have asked for a better dentist to work for. He's just really been a great employer.

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