Bob's Story

Bob's Story: A Dental Care Testimonial


In his dental care testimonial, Bob describes the high quality of treatment he has received at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney. The staff and doctors provide accommodating service that is flexible enough for even the busiest schedule. Drs. John Pinnix and George Betancourt focus on providing prompt care, with no time wasted.

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I'm Bob Toth. We moved to Charlotte ten years ago now. I work for Polypore. We make microporous membranes. As I like to describe, we manage the flow of things you can't see, all the way down to the nano level. We make things far thinner than a human hair and we have the broadest array of product technology and process technology. It's so important for me to kind of be precise on schedule. I'll have windows of opportunity depending on my travel schedule or meetings, etc., and every time I've scheduled something here it's been very accommodating. Everyone here has been very accommodating and of course I'm in and out when they say I'll be in and out, which is very important to me. We've been very pleased with that. I'm the type of person that basically likes to reward people that do really well and I also will be the first to tell you about really bad service. When you get great service somewhere I think it's important for people to know that. I think word of mouth is very important when you trust someone, and our experience here has been great.

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