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Dec 23

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Nobody can deny the importance of teeth. Not only do they provide the basis of a gorgeous smile, but they provide the much more important function of allowing food to be digested properly. Unfortunately, people often take their teeth for granted until they begin to have issues with them. Sensitivity, pain, and soreness are all indications there is a problem that needs to be examined by a dentist. Very often one of the first things a dentistdoes is take x-rays of the teeth. Since they are obviously important for the dentist, this brings up the question of how often are x-rays needed and why?

A good rule of thumb is having checkup dental x-rays performed every year and then a full series of digital x-rays performed every five years. The reason for this is a simple one, tooth decay often starts slowly but then progresses rapidly if it is not caught early on. While the professionals of Advanced Dentist

Dec 16

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It may sound strange but you can now get a dental facelift without going through surgery. Today, there are some dentists who use techniques that not only improve your bite and smile but can also take away years from your appearance. Some are saying that this technique is a very effective and non-surgical way to reduce the signs of facial aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. Tooth restoration is often a part of a dental facelift.

To be clear, as we age, our dental structures begin to break down and if we have teeth that become worn or missing, it will cause our faces to shrink and give our faces a sunken-in look. With a dental face lift, wrinkles are smoothed out and a persons jawline has a more pronounced and even look. Dental treatments and dental appliances are effective in giving a more polished and youthful look. If you are looking for a dentist who can fix my teeth, a cosme

Dec 9

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Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits are sometimes not enough. In some cases cosmetic dentistry is required to repair severe dental problems that may result from accidents, illness, or bad genes. A healthy, beautiful smile is an important asset for our personal and professional lives. A cosmetic dentist can give you a smile that allows you to beam with confidence and self-assurance. Cosmetic dentists correct problems that may give compromise your appearance. This may entail repairing crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth or apply veneer over the teeth.

Cosmetic dentists also provide much more than a beautiful smile. Sometime dental implants or false teeth are required in order for a person to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Dental implants or false teeth are a better option than traditional dentures or bridges. If you are trying to find a cosmetic dentist near South

Dec 2

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With the upswing of South Charlotte NC residents inquiring about cosmetic dentistry and veneers in particular, Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney helps to address some important and frequent questions patients ask about cosmetic dental veneers to help improve their smiles.

What can veneers do for me?
Veneers are an increasingly popular method of reviving and restoring your smile. Porcelain veneers fill gaps between teeth, cover broken teeth and, are applied to whiten your smile. Whether you have one tooth needing repaired or gaps between multiple teeth; veneers are an excellent option to consider. If you have tried virtually every over the counter whitening kit with little to no results, veneers are your answer to a bright white smile.

What is a porcelain veneer?
A veneer is an ultra-thin piece of porcelain, attached to the front of your tooth using a light-sensitive bonding agent. Veneers are considered permanent once a

Nov 26

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Porcelain veneers and cosmetic dental bonding are both cosmetic procedures that can correct imperfections in the way teeth look, but they are quite different procedures. The Charlotte NC cosmetic dentists at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney can help you determine which is right for you, but here is some general information about the procedures to give you an idea of what the differences are.

Porcelain veneers are thin coverings that go over the front of the teeth. Unlike a crown, which goes all the way around a tooth, a veneer only covers the front and wraps slightly around the sides. Veneers are not strong enough to repair a tooth and are only used for cosmetic purposes. They can completely change the appearance of the front of a tooth, including a color change if desired. Because they are made of porcelain, veneers dont stain and last a very long time.

Cosmetic dental bonding is a simpler, quicker and less expensive procedure than veneers, but cannot make as d

Nov 19

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Smiling makes the world a better place and looking good in your pictures is important for that lasting memory, especially during the holidays. People are more comfortable and at ease when they see an attractive smile. Smiles are not only contagious, but they can affect your self-confidence and health and attitude. If you are always hiding your smile because you do not like the way that your teeth look, then you should seek dental care from your local general dentist or cosmetic dentist. Teeth whitening services can help brighten your smile and one of the most sought after solutions residents of South Charlotte, NC contact Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney to help with.

How Teeth Whitening Works
Most people start out with naturally white teeth. The natural aging process causes the enamel to wear down, which causes stains to build up on the teeth. Whitening and bleaching helps remove both intrinsic and extrinsi

Nov 5

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Are you happy with your smile? Have years of coffee, tea or soda discolored your teeth? Perhaps you are finally sick of hiding your crooked or chipped teeth in every family photo. If so, you're probably looking for tips to improve your smile. Here are 5 cosmetic dental services which can help improve your confidence with a radiant smile.

Teeth Whitening
Smile makeover dentists in Charlotte recommend teeth whitening for folks who have discolored but otherwise healthy and straight teeth. Most cosmetic dentists let you choose between a natural color or a deep bleaching. Treatment is quick and painless, and you will notice a brighter smile with both procedures.

Dental Crowns
Crowns are excellent if you have a chipped tooth that you find embarrassing. It could be because of an injury or a filling that's fallen out. A crown is basically a cap that's p

Oct 28

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Many people are seeking cosmetic dentistry in South Charlotte. Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that is dedicated to improving peoples smiles. You have the option of choosing from a variety of cosmetic procedures, including porcelain veneers. A porcelain veneer is a thin restoration that is placed over the enamel of the tooth. It can be used to correct a variety of problems, including discolorations, gaps and chips. Many people who have very small teeth get this treatment in order to make their teeth look bigger.

What is the Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Service?
Porcelain veneers can instantly improve your smile, which is why they are one of the most popular options for people who are interested in cosmetic dentistry in South Charlotte. In some cases, they are considered a good alternative to orthodontics. Porcelain veneers are

Oct 21

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Porcelain veneers are restorations that can instantly improve your smile. Cosmetic dentists can apply the veneers in just one or two dental visits. Porcelain is a durable material that is designed to last for a very long time. In fact, the veneers may last 10 years or more if one takes care of them. Porcelain veneers are a great option for people who have teeth that are discolored, gap or chipped.

Benefits Of Dental Veneers
One of the reasons that cosmetic dentists prefer to use dental veneers is because they offer a number of benefits. Porcelain veneers look and feel natural. No one will be able to tell whether a person is wearing dental veneers. Furthermore, the veneers attach directly to the teeth.

How Are The Veneers Applied?
If you are interested in getting veneers, then you will have to meet with a cosmetic dentist. Your cosmetic den

Oct 14

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Removing a tooth isn't exactly a procedure most people look forward to and a procedure Charlotte NC dentists deal with daily. Understanding what will happen during the tooth extraction process can help patients relax. After all, tensing up will only make the process less enjoyable.

Tooth Extraction Process Explained
Most Charlotte NC dentists will start removing a tooth by anesthetizing the tooth, gum, and bone. The only way to properly do this is by small injections which feels like a slight pinch in selective locations to numb the area completing in just a couple minutes.

Once the area is fully anesthetized, the dentist can begin the tooth extraction process. Rather than pulling the tooth out in one fell swoop, the dentist will gently rock the tooth in all directions to "expand the socket". The bone and lig

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