How to Get a Dental Facelift Without Plastic Surgery By Dr. Pinnix on December 16, 2013

It may sound strange but you can now get a dental facelift without going through surgery. Today, there are some dentists who use techniques that not only improve your bite and smile but can also take away years from your appearance. Some are saying that this technique is a very effective and non-surgical way to reduce the signs of facial aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. Tooth restoration is often a part of a dental facelift.

To be clear, as we age, our dental structures begin to break down and if we have teeth that become worn or missing, it will cause our faces to shrink and give our faces a sunken-in look. With a dental face lift, wrinkles are smoothed out and a persons jawline has a more pronounced and even look. Dental treatments and dental appliances are effective in giving a more polished and youthful look. If you are looking for a dentist who can fix my teeth, a cosmetic dentist can give you the help you need. Having a tooth restoration process done, can give you a younger look.

At some dental practices, a plastic retainer is used to strengthen a persons facial muscles. This procedure causes the jaw to rest in a higher position; which makes a person look younger. Patients who use this retainer wear it for several months until their facial muscles are stronger and later have dental crowns placed on all of their teeth to increase the height of their jaw. South Charlotte cosmetic dentists can make you look younger and healthier.

It is important to note that improvement that comes from a dental facelift also includes improvement to a persons eyes, lips, cheeks and the neck. In some cases, a dental facelift may also prevent a person from getting chin or cheek implants. Some have noticed, after the procedure, that their faces look ten to 20 years younger. Dentist who can fix my teeth can be found with South Charlotte cosmetic dentists.

Keep in mind that a dental facelift is much more than cosmetic dentistry. Not only does a dental facelift improve the look of your teeth and smile but it also improves your profile, jaw line, chin position and the shape of your face. In addition, in some cases it can also improve your health; especially if your teeth are not in proper alignment and it affects your chewing and eating. South Charlotte cosmetic dentists can give you information on a dental facelift.

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