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Jul 16

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The wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to grow in the back of the mouth. They usually come in during the late teens or early 20s. Most people eventually end up having to get their wisdom teeth cut out or extracted. Sometimes, the teeth are impacted and cannot break through the gums while some people may even experience severe pain. Dentists usually do not opt for wisdom teeth removal unless the patient is having problems. People who suspect that they need their wisdom teeth removed should consult with our South Charlotte Dentist.

A dentist will perform a thorough examination to see if it is best to remove the wisdom teeth. If wisdom teeth removal is the only option, the dentist will recommend that the patient schedule an appointment with a sedation dentistry Charlotte as soon as possible.

If a patient is just getting one or tooth teeth removed, the sedation dentistry will usually just give the p

Jul 9

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Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem and open spaces from those missing teeth may cause the other teeth in the mouth to move or even impair speech. This common dental problem can be corrected in most cases with dental implants. For those who are seeking dental implants, look no further than our Blakeney dental office.

Such implants can be used one of two ways to help the patient's smile to improve through a direct implant into the jaw bone or by using a bridge to attach the replacement teeth.

Dentists in Charlotte who provide dental implants affix a replacement tooth directly into the jaw bone, so the new tooth looks and feels just like a real tooth. Some people may require multiple teeth to be replaced. If these teeth are all in the same area, dental implants may be used in a different manner. To fill in large spaces of several missing teeth, multiple dental implants are often outside the budget for som

Jul 2

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A brighter, whiter smile is the goal for many people who choose to have their teeth whitened. There are many choices available for having this done, but not all of them are equal. Understanding the basics of teeth whitening helps many people to be better informed in their decision of how they whiten their teeth. Choosing this process to be done by a one of the dentists in Charlotte has many advantages over home whitening methods.

A patient who visits a Charlotte cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening may have the ZOOM! whitening procedure done. The dentist applies a gel to the teeth and activates the whitening agents in the gel with a special light. Those with stained or discolored teeth tend to get the best results from this procedure.

Compared to whitening trays or whitening toothpaste purchased over-the-counter for use at home, the ZOOM! procedure takes less time and produces more radiant results. It may help also p

Jun 25

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A dental implant is a device that is used to anchor an artificial tooth root in place. If you have lost teeth, you may be wondering whether you are a candidate for a dental implant. The good news is that most people are considered a good candidate. Below are some of the specific criteria that Charlotte cosmetic dentists use to determine whether dental implants are right for a particular patient:

Good Overall Health

The ideal candidate for dental implants is someone who does not have any major health issues. It is always a good idea to get a complete physical examination before you get any procedure that involves sedation dentistry. You should also be a non-smoker.

No Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth, then there is a possibility that you can move a dental implant out of its place. That is why a good candidate for dental implants is someone who does n

Jun 18

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Too many people put off going to the dentist out of fear. Sedation dentistry can help patients with a fear of needles, drills, and dental pain to feel more relaxed during their procedure. This safe, proven method may help those who avoid the dentist to get the care for their teeth they need.

Most sedation dentistry procedures consist of either drug, nitrous oxide, or a combination of the two while some specialists are trained to provide IV sedation and general anesthesia , such as Dr. Pinnix and Dr. Betancourt of Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney. The drugs given are mild sedative medications the patient takes before the appointment for relaxation. Because these drugs can slow reaction times, the patient cannot drive to or from the appointment. Some patients may also receive nitrous oxide with the sedative medications to enhance the reduction in anxiety and to provide a small amount of pain relief.


Jun 11

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Most people have felt awkward about some aspect of physical appearance; this is a normal part of being human. From concerns over obesity to worries about wrinkles to embarrassment about a crooked smile, many have had at least a taste of feeling unattractive at one time or another. However, Charlotte dentists sometimes see patients with tooth problems that result in much more than simple awkwardness; they see patients with problems that interfere with the ability to fully engage with others socially.

There are many people who refuse to smile because they do not like their teeth. However, it can get depressing to always feel the need to hide joy from the world. Charlotte cosmetic dentists can help restore confidence and bring a smile to the face of any patient who has a low sense of self-worth due to an imperfect smile.

Charlotte dentists routinely see patients with cosmetic problems that are not complicated or expensiv

Jun 4

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Our South Charlotte dentists offer an alternative to traditional, metal braces with clear braces from Invisalign. Invisalign teeth straighteners are less painful, nearly invisible when worn, and can be removed for brushing the teeth. Patients who have had experience wearing these clear braces have many positive reviews of the process and results.Wed like to share what you can expect with Invisalign!

Before a patient can begin to wear Invisalign aligners, a Charlotte cosmetic dentist must examine the teeth, take X-rays and photographs, and create an impression of the teeth so the aligners can be made to fit perfectly. These steps are painless, similar to having X-rays of the teeth taken for a general dental exam. Once this information is collected, the dentist sends it to the company to have the patient's personalized clear braces from Invisalign made.

The Invisalign tray prep

May 28

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Dental veneers are becoming increasingly popular among people who would like to improve and brighten their smiles. Our cosmetic dentist in Charlotte NC can answer questions about dental veneers during your initial consultation as a new patient. Speaking with our Charlotte dentists can help in your decision-making process to know which cosmetic dental solution would be most appropriate for your case and determine if you are in fact a candidate for minimum-prep veneers.

A traditional dental veneer is a thin layer of material that is fitted over a tooth to improve its appearance or to protect a vulnerable or damaged tooth. Veneers can be made of porcelain or a composite material, depending on the needs of the patient. Traditional veneers are fitted to the tooth, which means that the tooth must be reshaped to accommodate the veneer. This may involve sanding down some of the enamel of the tooth and then bonding the veneer with a spe

May 21

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The noise and pain caused by dental drills keeps many people away from getting the cosmetic dental procedures they need for their best smile, but now, patients can have aesthetic procedures done without drills. There is a Charlotte cosmetic dentist office that provides several laser dentistry solutions for its patients at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney. These laser solutions replace the need for cutting or drilling into teeth and gums, resulting in less pain for the patient making for a incredibly safe dental experience.

Powerful, yet gentle precision lasers combine to create the ezLase, a soft tissue diode laser, and the DIAGNOdent, a laser cavity detection system, which are professionally utilized by our cosmetic dentists in Charlotte, Dr. Pinnix and Dr. Betancourt.

ezLase Laser Dentistry Solution

Our South Charlotte cosmetic dentists now use ezLase, an advanced dental technology tool used in the

May 14

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Sedation dentistry has been a godsend for people who know they need to visit the dentist, but have been too terrified to do so. Now residents of Charlotte can find a South Charlotte dentist who utilizes sedation dentistry. Knowing that they can now experience painless dentistry will no doubt bring many patients to the Blakeney dental office who would have avoided it before.

During sedation dentistry, our South Charlotte dentist sedates their patient before they begin work. The patient is given tranquilizers or other medications to ease them into a deeply relaxed state. Even the needle-phobic patient can feel at ease as sedation dentistry has other alternatives than through injections. If a needle needs to be given, it's applied when the patient is so deeply relaxed that they wont remember it. They also probably wont remember the procedure itself. However, one benefit of sedation dentistry is that the patient remains awake. This is important, because our

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