All for One: Candidates for All-On-4® Dental Implants By Dr. Pinnix on May 07, 2016

All-on-Four dental implant treatmentAdvanced Dentistry of Blakeney is one of the leading dental care centers in Charlotte, helping people look their very best through advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry. This includes state-of-the-art aesthetic care as well as the use of dental implants to address problems with missing teeth.

When patients are missing many teeth, All-On-4® may be the right option to consider. Let's consider the problems associated with tooth loss and how All-On-4® may be right for you.

The Problems Caused by Major Tooth Loss

If you are missing many teeth, this can lead to a number of problems that affect your general health as well as the appearance of your smile.

For major tooth loss, the overall look of your smile is totally different, and you may feel self-conscious about laughing and smiling, even around people you have known for years. Similarly, major tooth loss can lead to sunken, drooping, or hollow lips and cheeks, which can drastically change the appearance of your facial features.

When missing many teeth, it can be very difficult to eat a healthy diet, which may mean significant issues with health, wellness, nutrition, and weight.

To address these issues, dentures are often ideal, but there is a way to anchor them in place. That option is known as All-On-4®.

About All-On-4®

All-On-4® is a system that involves the support of a denture using four dental implants. With just four dental implants strategically placed, All-On-4® can allow people to bite, chew, smile, and speak as if they have their natural teeth in place.

How All-On-4® Works

All on four involves the use of advanced materials and technology, with the latest implants and abutments carefully placed using state-of-the-art technology to determine optimal implant placement. Only four dental implants are necessary since the implants for the outer portion of the denture are positioned diagonally, which helps maintain stability and distribute pressure along the dental arch.

General Candidacy for All-On-4®

Good candidates for All-On-4® are people in generally good dental health who are missing many of their teeth along the upper dental arch or the lower dental arch. Patients should be well enough that they will not suffer from heath issues as a result of oral surgery. They should understand the risks and benefits of All-On-4® treatment, and have realistic expectations about the treatment process, including the overall cost of the procedure.

Bone and Gum Tissue Density

In order to qualify for All-On-4®, it's important that patients have sufficient bone and gum density. The dental implants are held in place by the living structures of the mouth, and to remain in place properly, a process known as osseointegration must occur. One major difficult to consider is that tooth loss over long periods of time often results in the loss of bone and gum density.

If a patient lacks sufficient jawbone density or gum tissue, soft tissue or bone grafting procedures may be performed to build up these tissues. When this is not a good option, alternatives to the use of dental implants can be considered.

Tailoring a Treatment to Your Needs

During the consultation process, we will be more than happy to go over all of your options for treating tooth loss. This will help you get the treatment you need to have the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible.

Schedule a Consultation at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney

If you would like more information about All-On-4® and your many other options for dealing with tooth loss, be sure to contact our advanced dental care center today. The team at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney looks forward to your visit and discussing these matters with you in greater detail.

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