Dental Care Challenges for Diabetic Patients By Dr. Pinnix on January 05, 2016

Dental care toolsDiabetics face many serious health challenges as part of their medical condition. In addition to the various risks to general health and wellness, diabetics also have to face a umber of serious dental health problems. Dr. George A. Betancourt and Dr. John M. Pinnix are well aware of these matters, and they have helped countless patients with such issues at their Charlotte general dentistry practice.

It's important that diabetics be aware o the dental health issues that they may face in order to properly maintain their dental health and ensure that they get the care they need from their dentist. Let's go over some basics right now.

Increased Risk of Gum Disease

One of the increased risks that diabetics face is a heightened susceptibility to infection. This means a greater likelihood of gum disease. Gum disease is a type of infection of the gum tissue, commonly caused by the oral bacteria that naturally occurs in the mouth. This is the same oral bacteria that causes bad breath and tooth decay.

There are three different stages of gum disease. Listed in order from least severe to most severe, they are as follows:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Advanced periodontitis

It's always best to have gum disease treated at its earliest stages.

Advanced Development of Tooth Decay

In addition to increase susceptibility to gum disease, diabetics are also more prone to experiencing tooth decay. This is the result of the blood sugar issues that they face. There are chances that tooth decay may develop and progress faster when a person is a diabetic.

Frequent Bouts of Dry Mouth

In addition to greater likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease, diabetics are also likely to experience bouts of dry mouth. Dry mouth makes bad breath worse, makes it difficult to eat and speak, and also increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. In essence dry mouth contributes to many different dental problems becoming far worse.

Potential Cases of Oral Thrush

With regard to infection, it's also worth noting that diabetics are more prone to suffer from oral thrush. Thrush is a type of fungal infection that can affect different parts of the body. Thrush is an unsightly and inconvenient rash, typically appearing around the mouth and lips.

What Dentists Can Do for Diabetic Patients

Dentists have a whole host of dental treatments available to treat the various problems that a diabetic may face. This includes various restorative procedures for tooth decay and gum disease and solutions for issues with dry mouth.

During a consultation at our practice, we will be more than happy to consider all of your options for treatment in order to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Diabetics

Visiting your dentist twice a year can do a lot to keep your smile healthy, but diabetics can also do a lot while at home to address these matters.

For one, it's ideal for diabetics to brush and floss. Doing this at least twice a day can help prevent major issues with tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing and flossing after every meal is most ideal.

In addition, it's important for diabetics to monitor their blood sugar and ensure they are eating healthy throughout the day. Staying hydrated with fresh water also helps fight dry mouth and keep the mouth as clean as possible.

Schedule a Consultation at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney

To learn more about dental care treatments that can help diabetic patients, be sure to contact Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney today. Dr. George A. Betancourt and Dr. John M. Pinnix will work closely with each patient to ensure they achieve optimal health and wellness.

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