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Dec 27

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There are a number of misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry floating around today. Few people truly understand what this type of dental practice is all about or what it can do for them. The dentists and staff members at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney invite you to read on about our cosmetic dentist solutions and obtain answers to some common questions.

At our South Charlotte dental office you will find an experienced staff of hygienists and dentists who can help make your smile as perfect as possible through cosmetic dentistry techniques and practices. This term, which is used by many dentists, refers to dental work performed to enhance the appearance of a person's teeth. This can include the installation of veneers, teeth whitening, bonding, dental bridges and even dental implants. Work to approve the appearance and overall health of a person's gums may also be performed, such a

Dec 17

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Patients who experience missing dentition greatly benefit from the application of dental implants. This innovative method of tooth replacement can be implemented by Charlotte dentists with much success. The treatment begins with a comprehensive oral exam, full set of x-rays and a complete review of the patients medical history. Bone resorption and patients oral habits are taken into consideration before deciding if the individual is a good candidate for the placement of dental implants. The treatment plan is created to meet the specific needs of the patient and by the end of initial visit with cosmetic dentistry services, the patient will have a full understanding of what the treatment entails and the cost associated with it.

Patients with a long history of missing teeth or poor oral hygiene typically do not qualify for placement of implants. Soft tissue contour changes over time and cannot be rebuilt

Dec 10

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CEREC technology has changed the way that cosmetic dentists approach their practice. The days of making impressions and sending them off to a dental lab to reproduce a crown or bridge are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

CEREC technology now gives the cosmetic dentists the tools necessary to create any crown, bridge or onlays/inlays needed for their patient in just one visit. With this technology, there is no longer the chance that the crown or bridge will not fit properly. CEREC ensures a perfect fit the first time.

New patients looking for a good South Charlotte dentist should consider choosing a dentist that uses the latest technology in their practice. It will save the patient having to book extra appointments for a procedure which is now done in one visit, and the results are remarkable.

With the correct South Charlotte dentist, patients can have fillings made of ceramic and match the adjoining teeth so that fillings are no longer noticeabl

Dec 3

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The advancements in dentistry have reshaped the industry in terms of new technology that allows one visit procedures instead of multiple visits. Cosmetic dentists are now able to provide the movie star smiles that everyone longs for. At our Blakeney dental office, reshaping and contouring is a simple, yet effective means of enhancing the look of the patient's teeth, and at an affordable price.

For experienced dentists in Charlotte such as Dr. Betancourt and Dr. Pinnix, they are able to correct the length, position of the teeth or reshape them to hide small imperfections such as chipped or jagged edges during single visits. Good cosmetic dentists are even able to correct overlapping teeth and teeth that are crooked.

Dental contouring and tooth reshaping is a procedure that requires very small and subtle changes by removing some portion of a tooth, without any discomfort to the patient, an

Nov 28

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Sometimes patients may become a little nervous when it comes time for their dental visit. However, for a true dental phobia, someone walking in the front door and smelling the natural odor of a dentist office, will send them running. Before all the new technology in the field of dentistry was introduced, people would refuse the dentist office, no matter how bad their teeth were getting due to the fear of either the dentist, the procedures or the noises within the office.

Thank goodness, times have changed with sedation dentistry being performed by dentists in Charlotte, NC. With sedation dental services, the dentist is able to perform the necessary procedures while the patient is relaxed in the chair, barely aware of the dental procedures being done.

Using sedation dentistry, the dentist is able to complete many, if not all, of the procedures needed in just one visit. This of course, is

Nov 21

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Women have special requirements when it comes to their health. Oral health is certainly no exception, and women may find that they may have certain issues in that area. Women's dental health can be handled effectively by great South Charlotte dentists if the patient resides in this are of North Carolina. Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Betancourt and Dr. Pinnix can correct various dental issues that will help women to feel more confident about their smiles and overall dental hygiene. All women should know about various changes that can occur in their dental health and this article will explain more.

Women in general can experience significant dental issues and women's dental health will change throughout the month due to hormone changes they normally undergo, whether they are going through menstruation, puberty or pregnancy. When estrogen and progesterone levels increase, the gums can become more sen

Oct 22

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Visiting the dentist is not something that people look forward to doing, but our Charlotte dentists have technology that can make the experience much more pleasant for everyone who needs these certain types of dental procedures done. Cosmetic dentists are aware that their patients do not want to have to make appointment after appointment to have their dental work completed, so they offer CEREC technology that makes it possible to complete everything in one visit.

Even when patients need affordable crowns or veneers, they will have the option of having these porcelain products made the same day that the Charlotte dentists will apply them. What patients really like about the CEREC one visit dentistry that Charlotte cosmetic dentists have at their disposal is that they will not need to have as many injections of anesthesia and there is also less drilling.

CEREC one visit dentistry makes it po

Oct 15

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There are many things that can get in the way of a great smile, especially for patients who have porcelain veneers. Some patients will clench and grind their teeth at night when they have a condition known as bruxism, which can cause damage to the porcelain veneers, the bone structure and the jaw joint. Fortunately, teeth grinding can be prevented by wearing a night guard, which is a plastic object that forms a physical barrier protecting the porcelain veneers.

Dental night guards are also valuable for patients who have their natural teeth, but regularly grind them. The good news is that patients are not able to grind their teeth if they have good bites, even if they are grinding their teeth at night as a form of stress relief.

Night guards are able to correct various problems related to the jaw, including jaw pain, TMJ and closed lock jaw. The Charlotte cosmetic dentists will be a

Oct 10

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Patients tend to ask a number of questions about dental work before they begin procedures. One of the most commonly asked about topics are porcelain veneers. Specifically, patients ask which types of veneers would work the best.

The truth is that there are a variety of veneers that Charlotte cosmetic dentists can use to improve the look of teeth.

There are five major types of porcelain veneers:

  1. Composite material veneers
  2. Pressed ceramic veneers
  3. Feldspathic ceramic veneers
  4. Leucite reinforced pressed ceramic veneers, and
  5. Lithium disilicate veneers.

Composite material veneers are veneers which heavily depend upon the skill of your South Charlotte dentist. These veneers are the type that are layered an applied in one appointment. They also tend to be weaker on average and more prone to chipping.

Pressed ceramic veneers require more of a tooth's enamel to be removed because they are thicker. Thi

Oct 1

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In the past five years, a vast array of creams, paste, paint-on chemicals and even UV light kits have flooded the market. Each one promises a unique, easy-to-use way of teeth whitening, but it is not always a sure thing that these products will get the results desired in a timely manner. Some of these products can also cause an excessive amount of pain and sensitivity in people who are predisposed for sensitive teeth. That is why it may be better to seek out dentists in Charlotte, North Carolina instead.

When taking cosmetic whitening options into consideration, realize that not all teeth whitening has to be done in a dentist chair. Dentists in Charlotte can send patients home with a whitening kit that will both be superior in whitening effectiveness and free of complications like swollen gums and sensitive teeth.

Whitening that is performed in a Blakeney dental office will always be more

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