Oct 22

Charlotte Cosmetic Dentists and CEREC One Visit Dentistry

Posted on October 22, 2012 — by SEO Admin

Visiting the dentist is not something that people look forward to doing, but our Charlotte dentists have technology that can make the experience much more pleasant for everyone who needs these certain types of dental procedures done. Cosmetic dentists are aware that their patients do not want to have to make appointment after appointment to have their dental work completed, so they offer CEREC technology that makes it possible to complete everything in one visit.

Even when patients need affordable crowns or veneers, they will have the option of having these porcelain products made the same day that the Charlotte dentists will apply them. What patients really like about the CEREC one visit dentistry that Charlotte cosmetic dentists have at their disposal is that they will not need to have as many injections of anesthesia and there is also less drilling.

CEREC one visit dentistry makes it possible for patients to have their affordable crowns applied without having the Charlotte cosmetic dentists give them an injection and prepare the tooth only to be sent home with a temporary crown. With the ability to create these affordable crowns on the same day, patients only need one injection, one preparation and the Charlotte dentists will apply the permanent crown that very day.

CEREC technology is not just fast because it is also the healthiest way that a dentist can restore a tooth. With CEREC, the old metal materials are no longer necessary. The substances CEREC uses are ceramic in the same color as the patients natural teeth. The material is strong and resists cracks and the untrained eye will never know that the tooth is artificial and not the one that has always been there.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our CEREC one visit dentistry treatments, which have been used all over the world for almost 20 years, or any additional information about our cosmetic dentistry services, please feel free to contact ourCharlotte dentist officeat 704-543-1102 or by using our convenient onlineappointment request form.

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