Excess gum tissue can make teeth appear worn or underdeveloped. Fortunately, a gum contouring procedure at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney in Charlotte, NC, can bring uniformity to an uneven gum line after a single appointment. Also known as gum reshaping or crown lengthening, this minimally invasive procedure involves the removal excess tissue to create a pleasing, even frame for your smile.

Gum contouring at many other practices is performed with a blade. At Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney, Dr. John M. Pinnix IV or Dr. George A. Betancourt will use an advanced laser to achieve beautiful results with minimal discomfort and fast recovery times. Reach out to our practice today to learn how laser gum contouring can enhance your smile.

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Benefits of Gum Contouring

Even if you have healthy teeth, excessive gum tissue can detract from the appearance of your smile. Laser gum contouring is designed for patients who have what is known as a "gummy smile," where gum tissue extends too far down teeth, making them look disproportionately small or stubby. By undergoing a gum contouring treatment at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney, you can achieve gums with an even, scalloped appearance that subtly complements all the best features of your smile. In addition to boosting your confidence, gum contouring can also reduce the risk of periodontal disease and make it easier for you to maintain good oral health.

Traditional gum contouring procedures are performed with a scalpel, which can result in bleeding and pain after treatment. By using a laser to perform these procedures, we can minimize trauma to soft tissues. Additionally, the laser will seal off blood vessels as it removes tissue, allowing patients to experience minimal swelling and shorter healing times. When you visit our practice for a consultation, we will examine your smile and gum line to determine if this treatment is right for you. Many patients choose to combine a gum contouring treatment with other cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, in order to achieve more dramatic results. If you have found that you are not a good candidate for porcelain veneers because of excessive gum tissue, gum contouring can also create more surface area on teeth to improve your candidacy.

The Gum Contouring Procedure

When you arrive at our practice for a gum contouring procedure, we will begin by administering a local anesthetic to ensure you remain comfortable during treatment. Next, Dr. Pinnix or Dr. Betancourt will use a special laser to precisely trim away excess gum tissue, creating a more aesthetically pleasing gum line.

The entire procedure can be completed during a single brief appointment, and we will work conservatively to remove only the amount of tissue needed to achieve your goals. After your treatment, some patients will experience minor soreness or swelling, but this does not typically interfere with eating or speaking, and an over-the-counter pain medication can usually provide relief. 

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A gum contouring treatment at Advanced Dentistry of Blakeney can boost your confidence and greatly enhance the overall appearance of your smile. To schedule a consultation, reach out to our practice today.

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