Sep 16

How Our Cosmetic Dentists Fix Chipped or Broken Teeth

Posted on September 16, 2013 — by SEO Admin

Many patients visit our office seeking a long-term chipped tooth solution that will optimize their appearance. In many cases, these patients wore braces at an early age but later experienced problems that undid some of their improvements. When chipped teeth are among these issues, patients can depend on having excellent results through the right procedures.

Our patients can choose from a variety of options to fix broken tooth issues. Although we offer orthodontic care, braces are not a solution for chipped teeth. For example, Invisalign braces can easily correct many problems related to spacing and crowded teeth, but broken teeth will remain damaged afterwards. As a result, many patients opt for a combination of braces and crowns or veneers. Our cosmetic dentists are happy to provide both of these chipped tooth solutions to our patients.

Veneers and crowns both offer fast results for teeth that have been damaged. Patients with upcoming jobs or important events that require a pristine appearance will be pleased to find that in addition to fixing chips and cracked, veneers and crowns can also repair many gaps and crooked teeth. At the first appointment, our cosmetic dentists analyze the teeth to develop a treatment plan. Impressions for crowns or veneers are taken, and the teeth are prepared. Temporary crowns or veneers may be used until the permanent ones are ready, at which time the procedure can be completed. Patients and their family and friends will immediately see the differences made by these procedures.

Our cosmetic dentists work with each patient to determine what treatment is best to fix broken tooth problems in their case. Whether patients choose crowns or veneers, we work hard to ensure that their results meet their expectations. In the end, this means that patients can restore their smile and even enhance it for the future.


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