Learn About the Benefits of Dental Implants By Dr. Pinnix on September 09, 2013


Cosmetic dentistry services include may use bridges, dentures or dental implants to replace missing teeth. Bridges can weaken and make teeth more vulnerable to decay. Dentures often need to be adjusted or else they will fit wrong and cause pain. Both of these methods are not as good as natural teeth and must be taken out for cleaning.

Bridges require filling and joining groups of adjacent teeth. This can weaken and make them vulnerable to decay. Dentures need must be continuously adjusted to conform to the shape of the jaw as it changes with age. If the denture's fit is slightly off it can be painful, embarrassing, and make chewing difficult.

Though both methods are less expensive initially, the lifetime expense of maintenance is much greater compared to dental implants over time, and the over all quality is dramatically inferior. Furthermore, they must be continuously taken out to be cleaned and soaked in a cup every night.

Why Dental Implants are Better
Cosmetic dentistry services are encouraging dental implants as the best solution for missing teeth because they are better than dentures and bridges. Though they are cost more as an initial investment, they are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants are superior because once they are in your jaw you never need to worry about them again. In fact, they require less care than healthy natural teeth because they are not vulnerable to breakage, and they are completely immune to bacteria, infections and cavities. Implants completely replace and fill the vacant space where the natural tooth once was. This helps to protect the jawbone from further exposure to infection.

The implants are anchored in the jaw similar to the way the root of a natural tooth. After the implant is screwed into place the jaw's living bone tissue grows around it. The implant will remain solidly in place for the rest of your life once the procedure is completed.

Single dental implants typically average two to three thousand dollars each. The procedure takes one year to complete on average, depending on your age and health. A general dentist office can refer you to oral surgeons in your area.

A dentist office that specializes in Charlotte dental implants uses the most recent technology and procedures. They can give you a personal assessment and go over what to expect, the estimated length of your procedure, and what the best financial options are for Charlotte dental implants.


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