Extracting Some Wisdom Wisdom Teeth That Is

By SEO Admin on July 15, 2013

The majority of cosmetic dentists in Charlotte advise patients to have their wisdom teeth removed before they start causing pain and other problems. Local and general anesthesia are are available for patients during wisdom tooth removal depending on their preferences. Patients who choose general anesthesia during wisdom tooth removal can expect to have little or no pain. Sleepiness and wooziness commonly occur when patients choose general anesthesia for extracting wisdom teeth from their mouths, so they should avoid eating or drinking for up to five hours preceding surgery.

After a wisdom tooth removal procedure, patients can expect to have stitches for some time. Stitches may be dissolving, but they might require removal after surgery. Doctors vary in the types of stitches they use after extracting wisdom teeth. During this time, patients can use gauze to prevent bleeding from becoming a more serious problem.

In most cases, patients can expect to spend just a couple of days in recovery from wisdom teeth removal. Prescription pain medication normally relieves discomfort during this time. However, you can speed your recovery by taking the following steps:

  • Elevate your head to reduce bleeding.
  • Switch gauze frequently to maximize blood absorption.
  • Eat carefully. Choose softer foods over those that would abrade the rest of the mouth.
  • Use ice packs throughout initial recovery to keep swelling down. Avoid using heat until three days have passed.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity for at least a few days.
  • Avoid using a straw while drinking as it could stimulate loosening of blood clots and slower healing as a result. Avoid smoking for the same reason.
  • Cosmetic dentists in Charlotte recommend to be careful when brushing your teeth after surgery. If something hurts, it probably isn't good for the teeth. This will eventually return to normal, so it's best to stay safe in the meantime.

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