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Getting Back in the Game After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Posted on June 10, 2013 — by SEO Admin

Having wisdom teeth removed is practically a rite of passage. These teeth usually poke through when a person is 17 to 25 years old, and usually they do so in a crooked manner. As a result, the mouth gets crowded. Sometimes these teeth refuse to come out at all, which is also problematic. And from Tokyo to Charlotte, tooth removal is something many young adults dread.

Fortunately, this procedure rarely requires much healing time. Before you go for your wisdom tooth extraction your dentist, or more accurately your oral surgeon, will discuss with you your recovery process. In general, you'll have three days of inconvenience and gum tenderness, followed by a week during which you must be careful about what you eat. Sometimes, though, in order to perform a wisdom tooth extraction a dentist has to cut the bone, and thus a longer period of recovery is needed.

To ensure speedy healing, carefully follow all instructions your oral surgeon gives you. These directions will involve eating soft foods for 72 hours after the procedure. And you must keep your blood pressure low during that period, so that your mouth wont bleed any more than necessary, and so the blood can clot around the wounds and hasten the healing. Thus, you'll want to avoid rigorous exercise for a few days, as intense physical activity prevents clotting and raises blood pressure.

Charlotte tooth removal and tooth removal everywhere requires that you rinse your mouth out with salt water after each meal for ten days after the procedure, as doing so sterilizes the afflicted areas. Be especially careful with crispy or chewy foods during those ten days, too, as chewing them the wrong way often leads to excessive wound bleeding. And if you don't follow directions, expect even worse pain and possibly an oral infection. If you do, you should feel great again after those ten days.

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