Our Charlotte Dentists Straightening Teeth Without Braces By Dr. Pinnix on May 20, 2013

Braces have traditionally been used for teeth straightening when the teeth are moderately to severely crowded or misaligned. The method is painful, can takes years, is expensive and may not be the chosen option for everyone. For a person who does not want these unsightly metal braces for mildly misaligned teeth, our Charlotte dentists, Dr. Betancourt and Dr. Pinnix recommend alignment tools and techniques such as Invisalign devices, retainers, and cosmetic contouring to be more appropriate teeth straightening options.

A person seeking these alternative options should first consult with their cosmetic dentist or orthodontists to determine the specific treatment options for straightening your teeth. If the Invisalign clear braces system treatment is selected, then a number of such aligners will be created and switched out every few weeks. These aligners gently shift the teeth in position as determined by the orthodontist and they provide an effective and comfortable treatment. The entire Invisalign treatment lasts about a year and approval for Invisalign treatment will only be given for patients whose secondary molars are at least partially erupted. This includes most teenagers as discussed by Dr. Betancourt and Dr. Pinnix.

Retainers are another option for straightening teeth especially if they are being used to correct minor teeth imperfections. Some people start using retainers in their teenage years and continue wearing them until they are in their mid twenties. Some patients who wore braces in the past but still need additional straightening will opt for wearing retainers until the minor misalignment is corrected.

Teeth overcrowding can sometimes be corrected with the use of cosmetic contouring. The process involves the reshaping of the affected teeth and is usually completed within 3 dental visits.

Braces are still the fastest and most efficient method for teeth straightening especially if the teeth are moderately to severely misaligned and overcrowded. However, alignment tools such as Invisalign and retainers are suitable for minor teeth misalignment and overcrowding. Many Charlotte dentists do not provide Invisalign treatments and often insurance companies do not cover them if they feel they are being used for cosmetic purposes, so contact our Blakeney dental office today to speak with our professional dental staff about your options!

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