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8 Important Questions & Answers About Dental Implants

Posted on April 8, 2013 — by SEO Admin

Restorative dentistry is a solution for individuals who need their smiles rehabilitated. Solutions can include crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants. However, before choosing implants, an individual will need to know the answers to some important questions.

1. How healthy does one have to be to have dental implants?
A person can be examined by dentists in Charlotte to see if he or she qualifies for an implant. Usually, individuals, who are healthy enough to have treatments for other dental procedures, will be healthy enough to undergo a dental implant.

2. How long will the implants last?
With proper care, the restorative dentistry procedure should last a lifetime. However, a persons lifestyle can be a factor in how long the procedure lasts. For instance, proper nutrition and hygiene is important to the health of an individuals natural teeth and implants.

3. How does one care for the implants?
Dentists in Charlotte recommend that an individual treat the dental implant the same way that he or she would treat a normal tooth.

4. Will insurance cover this procedure?
It will depend on the insurance company. Some companies will cover it, but others will not cover the procedure.

5. Can someones body reject an implant?
Each individual will be evaluated before the process begins to make sure that the proper implant is used. The body will normally accept the tooth implant.

6. Does the procedure hurt?
The patient will take a pain medication to help relieve any discomfort. Some complex implants may require sedation.

7. How long does it take to place the implants?
It can take about 30 minutes or 4 hours depending on the number of implants.

8. Is this an experimental procedure?
This procedure has been researched thoroughly, and it has been used successfully many times.

A dental implant can help restore an individuals smile and confidence. This technique is available for replacing teeth that have been lost to decay, injury or disease.

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