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FAQ About Anxiety Free Dentistry in Charlotte

Posted on March 11, 2013 — by SEO Admin

Q. Why are regular dental checkups important?
A. Checkups allow dentists in Charlotte to look for problems with the health of your teeth and gums. In the long term, this may identify lesions before they become cancerous and prevent complications from gum disease. Because dental health is linked to overall health, checkups can also catch general health issues.

Q. How can I enjoy anxiety free dentistry?
A. Thanks to sedation dentistry and other modern dental technology, most procedures are nearly or totally pain-free. Dentists in Charlotte are happy to share these new conveniences with patients. In addition to asking about anxiety free dentistry, you can take the following steps to ensure that your next dental appointment is a breeze.

1. Let the dental staff know about your worries. This has been shown to reduce pain.
2. Visualize yourself relaxing in the dental chair.
3. Play your own music on a personal MP3 player or CD player.

Hypnosis and relaxation techniques can also ease your dental experience and can even be combined with sedation dentistry.

Q. Is it true that aromatherapy relaxes some dental patients?
A. Yes, a study performed at Case Western Reserve University showed that aromatherapy relaxed two-thirds of subjects more than those who weren't exposed to aromatherapy. You can do this at home, but you may be able to get aromatherapy at your dentist's office.

Q. Are antibiotics recommended before appointments for patients at risk of bacterial infections?
A. Individuals who are at risk of heart infections from oral bacteria that enter through dental incisions will need to take antibiotics before invasive procedures. Ask your dentist for personal information regarding this issue.

Q. I don't have enough money for dental treatment. Where can I get treatment?
A. If you can't afford dental visits and lack insurance, contact community sources for financial assistance. Dental schools and public clinics may also be able to offer you discounted dental work.

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