When is the Right Time to Take Your Child to the Dentist? By Dr. Pinnix on February 04, 2013

Many parents are under the impression that primary teeth, or "baby teeth" are less of a concern because they are temporary and will be replaced by permanent teeth in a few years. However, it should be known that primary teeth are just as important to maintain as the teeth that the child will have as an adult. These "baby teeth" are actually holding the place that adult teeth will grow into. If they are allowed to shift and grow incorrectly, they can drastically affect the teeth that come later.

Tooth decay is often present in children who have water with too much fluoride in it, diets high in starches and sugars, or are on certain medications. It can also be found in toddlers whose parents allow them to fall asleep with bottles and sippy cups in their mouth, or without brushing their teeth. Some parents also think that tooth decay is not an issue with primary teeth, as they will fall out. This is simply not true. Teeth that are lost prematurely due to tooth decay can also cause the gap left to close or shrink, affecting the growth and positioning of adult teeth. Saving baby teeth can prevent a malocclusion that needs surgical remedy later in life. This decay can also cause bad breath. Decayed teeth, once they break and chip, can painfully cut the inside of a child's mouth which leaves it open to infection from the bacteria causing the decay in the first place.

Decay of baby teeth can cause a child's chewing, jaw growth, and self-esteem to be affected. It does not have to happen. There are plenty of pediatric dentists in Charlotte who can provide children with the dental treatment needed while making a trip to the dentist's office a fun event rather than a scary one. Contacting your dentist in a timely manner can make the difference between major dental complications and restoring a child's brilliant smile.

Provide your comments and questions below letting us know your feedback on when the right time to take your child to see a Family Dentist of Pediatric Dentist. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact ourCharlotte dentist officeat 704-543-1102 or by using our convenient onlineappointment request form.

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