South Charlotte Dentists Make You Aware of Your Acidic Diet By Dr. Pinnix on January 14, 2013

As you may already know, sugar is a major cause of tooth decay, but teeth can also be damaged by a diet high in acidic foods. While teeth might seem hard enough to withstand sour foods, enamel is easily lost when it comes into contact with certain dietary items, especially when it is still new and soft. Our Charlotte dentists recommend learning which foods could be causing you to lose enamel over time.

Acidic Foods

The latest dental health tips include warnings to avoid large amounts of gravy, asparagus, eggs, cottage cheese, ham and foods rich in lactic acid, such as sauerkraut, cheese and yogurt. Although these foods are good for general health, they can contribute to tooth erosion when eaten regularly. If your teeth are showing damage, you may want to reduce your consumption of these foods and see if your teeth have improved on your next trip to the dentist office.

Acidic Drinks

Coffee, soft drinks and wine are all acidic enough to cause problems for your teeth. More young people, whose teeth should be in the best shape of their life, are having serious teeth erosion due to overconsumption of acidic, sugary sodas.

Healthy Alternatives

If you're noticing loss of enamel and increased sensitivity, try reducing your consumption of the foods and drinks listed above. Mineral-rich water and milk are superior alternatives to soft drinks. Instead of chewing sour, sugary gum, try sugarless instead. Besides lacking the acidity that causes erosion, these foods will support tooth remineralization by enhancing salivary flow in the mouth.

On your next trip to the dental appointment, ask your dentist more about the foods that erode enamel for their opinion and recommendations. They can tell you how much erosion has occurred and how your diet might be affecting your teeth. With their valuable dental health tips, you can enjoy healthier, better-looking teeth in the long run.

If you have any questions or would like more information about acidic foods and drinks which can cause poor dental health, please contact ourCharlotte dentist officeat 704-543-1102 or by using our convenient onlineappointment request form.

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